New Menu Items 2020

The moment you’ve been waiting for… we have new items on our menu! Whoop whoop. Our ‘New Canadian’ cuisine embraces dishes influenced by the many different cultures across the region – with a West Coast twist. 

One of our new faves is Chicken Provencal. Imagine a tender chicken breast served on top of pesto gnocchi, with kalamata olives, capers, asparagus, and braised cherry tomatoes. Yes, please! We also dig the Thai Style Mussels. Enjoy 1⁄2 lb of fresh BC Mussels soaked in white wine, garlic, shallots, red curry, and our hand-cut potato fries. Mhmmmm! 

Our menu isn’t ‘fusion’ or ‘international’. We are a mash-up, we are a remix, we are a community… we are Surrey. Check out the full menu below to see what’s new.