Downtown experience, local comfort

Hello, how are you?

When people come together to share a drink and celebrate, they create an experience larger than themselves. Dominion Bar + Kitchen is designed to be that kind of gathering place — a place where individual moments converge. And each moment, and every one of us, is unique. Proudly Surrey, Dominion Bar + Kitchen personifies the contemporary motif of our city, breaking down social barriers and bonding over shared experience. Our customers have refined tastes, are active, healthy, brand displayers, trend spotters, sociable, adventurous and on the move. Dominion is your social centre to explore, share and celebrate our story of diversity. Together.

Proudly, Uniquely Surrey

Proudly Surrey, Dominion Bar + Kitchen is located at the heart of it all with an amazing view of the Civic Plaza and an urban vibe like no other. Our innovative menu is centred around New Canadian entrées, appetizers, and classic favourites. With a focus on locally sourced ingredients and an exciting list of signature cocktails, amazing BC wines and craft beer, we look forward to becoming your new destination for brunch, lunch, dinner and local late night mixers. Community, comfort, connection and quality. Everything we need.

New Canadian? Whazzat?

Yes. Have a look at the menu. What do you notice? Ideally, you see a mix of influences from many different cultures. We don’t say ‘fusion’, we don’t say ‘international’. We are a mash-up, we are a remix, we are something Surrey. Dominion is New Canadian. Dominion is a reference to Dominion of Canada, founded July 1st, 1867 — Canada Day. The meaning of Dominion, and why it was chosen for Canada, was the idea of ‘Unity in a Community of Nations’. We love this, and we value Inclusivity. This is the ‘New Canadian’ experience: proudly local, with a mix of cultures.

Really? Tell me more.

Dominion Bar + Kitchen provides an open invitation for everyone to enjoy the inclusivity and authenticity of exceptional time-tested hospitality. We honour the mantra of exceptional service and embody professionalism in all we do. Our passion is to create a timeless and comfortable dining experience. We are a group of people who truly value quality, authenticity, and inclusivity. We put careful consideration into every item that comes from our bar and kitchen. Our team is committed to the culinary, hand-crafted, house-made and original.

Meet you at Dominion!

Dominion Bar + Kitchen is the centre point of Surrey City Centre — an inspired downtown experience with local comfort, Dominion Bar + Kitchen is at the centre of it all. It is juxtaposition, it is business, it is casual. It is beer, it is wine. It is the expected, and it is the unexpected. Dominion is a place to call home, a place to refresh, and a place to call your own. Dominion Bar + Kitchen is an inclusive cocktail lounge, and amicable dining experience without sacrifice. Echoing a culinary trilogy of exceptional service, quality fare and comfortable atmosphere, Dominion Bar + Kitchen sets the scene for you to meet a friend, fall in love, or close a deal. The choice is yours.

This is your Dominion Bar+Kitchen. Welcome back.